About Paper Jewelry

While making the jewelry, I like to think the woman who’ll wear it is humble enough to know she’s not better than anyone else, wise enough to know she’s like nobody else and strong enough to affirm her unique nature in this world. Chiramó jewelry is for the woman that goes beyond fashion and questions her true needs and desires making fully aware choices.

Chiramó shows respect and care for nature introducing a new material into the jewelry making field: PAPER!

All paper beads are crafted individually. I use the kind of paper that usually ends up in the trash bin: old magazines, posters, flyers, gift paper, damaged books, maps and musical sheets etc. After the bead is shaped, it gets from 5 to 8 layers of varnish, depending of the type of paper and the shape of the bead. I use only water-based, non-toxic varnish.

The process of getting one series of paper beads can last from a few days to a few weeks. In the end, the beads have a very neat and vivid look and are very resistant to water and long-term wearing.

Anyway, to keep your jewelry in good condition for a longer time, have a look at the recommendation here.

In my jewelry designs I like to mix the paper beads with natural materials (wood, leather, feathers, bone beads, shells etc) and also to reuse rare charms and beads from recovered old jewelry. That’s how all Chiramó jewelry end up in being one-of-a-kind pieces.
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Go green! Wear paper beads!


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