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I often change the place I live, with all the goods and bads that goes with it. That’s why 14317389_1585872778105652_3354545113791212640_nthe air, the scents, the tastes, the sounds, all the invisible ingredients that go into making my paper beads, are always combining in different ways.

But there are two ingredients that stay with me all the time, all the place: music and silence.

And I always try to remember the words of St. Paisie Aghioritul:

“When somebody is working with peace of mind, he keeps his peace and he’s blessing his whole day. Unfortunately, we failed to understand that when we’re rushing to do things, we get agitated and the work we do when we’re agitated, is not blessed. Our aim shouldn’t be that of rushing to make many things. The object made with peace of mind and in prayer, gets blessed and it is blessing the one who’s wearing it, too.” (translation from Cuvinte duhovnicești, vol. 1: Cu durere și dragoste pentru omul contemporan, Cuviosul Paisie Aghioritul, Editura Evanghelismos, București, 2003)

So, here’s a sneak peek into my latest working places 🙂


How to Keep Your Paper Jewelry


Hi everyone!

I often get asked “how resistant the paper beads are?” or “how should I keep it?” “and what if it rains?” “oh, it will be ruined by the shower, right?”

Since wearing paper as jewelry is a very new and rare thing, these questions are very legitimate. That’s why I decided to give you some more information about the beads and gather a few recommendations for keeping your paper jewelry in best shape.

I should also say that I have necklaces and other jewelry from the beginning of my journey with paper, i.e. 6 years ago that are still in perfect shape.

So, here it is:

Each paper bead is crafted individually, by hand. After the bead is being shaped, it undergoes 5 to 8 layers of water-based, non-toxic varnish and various special treatments, depending of the type of paper, the shape of the bead and the result I want to get. In the end, the bead is hard as a stone, lightweight and very resistant to elements and hard-wearing. The process of getting one series of paper beads can last from a few days to a week or even more. I also like to let my beads “to mature” for a few weeks and only after I use them to create the jewelry pieces.

To keep your paper jewelry in best shape and to enjoy it longer it’s good to keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • Avoid taking your jewelry on the beach. The sun, the salt water and the sand can damage the varnish on the beads and thus making them lose their shiny look.
  • Avoid keeping your jewelry close to heat sources: radiators, stove, oven etc
  • Take off your jewelry while sleeping.
  • Take off your jewelry when bathing/showering.
  • Take off your jewelry (especially the rings) when you do the housework. Avoid getting them in contact with house-cleaning products and other chemicals.
  • Keep your jewelry in original packing or at least packed separately in order not to cling and scratch with other jewelry.
  • Avoid keeping your necklaces hanged. This may cause it to loosen, in time.
  • Never use cosmetics (perfume, cream, spray etc) after putting on your jewelry! Do all these before! It’s easy to imagine why.

These are my general recommendations for keeping your jewelry in best shape for a longer time. But don’t worry if, occasionally, you forgot to follow one of these. Your paper jewelry won’t be damaged by rain, it won’t be ruined by a shower or a day on the beach! In fact, you’ll be surprised to see that they’re more resistant than you think.

Anyway, always keep in mind to be kind to your things, too! 🙂


Etsy Made in Italy – Christmas Market a Firenze

ETSY MADE IN ITALY - Firenze (1).jpg

Etsy Made in Italy – Chrstmas Market a Firenze

Domenica 3 dicembre 2017 / 11:00 – 17:00

Galleria della Bottega d’Arte la Zaffera, Via Guelfa 45rosso, Firenze, Italia

Sono molto onorata di essere selezionato tra i pochi artigiani che parteciperanno alla prima edizione di Etsy Made in Italy, un’ottima iniziativa volta a riunire i più rappresentativi e interessanti artigiani italiani che vendono le loro opere su Etsy e le persone che cercano per i regali di Natale di alta qualità e fatti a mano, per i loro cari.

Vivo in Italia per un breve periodo di tempo e devo dire che è stato un momento di 5grande ispirazione per me. Cambiando l’ambiente, entrando in contatto con le forme infinite di espressione artistica che questo paese ha d’offrire ad ogni passo, dalle alte opere d’arte del Rinascimento alle opere estremamente raffinate di artigiani in ogni settore della vita. E poi, semplicemente respirando l’aria toscana, guardando spettacolari tramonti sui secolari pianeti mediterranei, passeggiando in una esuberanza di espressioni gigantesche della natura, tutte queste e molto altro, mi ha fatto aumentare il coraggio di immaginare e provare nuovi modi di giocare con carta e creando i miei gioielli.

Così, il 3 dicembre, ti aspetterò nella piccola e amichevole Galleria della Bottega d’Arte la Zaffera, con la mia ultima collezione invernale di gioielli di carta, creata appositamente per questo evento.

Seguire la mia pagina Facebook per rimanere aggiornato con le ultime notizie e il progresso del lavoro e non dimenticare di visitare il mio negozio Etsy 😉

Go green! Wear paper jewelry 🙂


colaj final etsy.jpg


Etsy Made in Italy – Christmas Market in Florence


Sunday, 3rd of December 2017 / 11a.m. – 5p.m.

I am very honored to be selected among the few artisans that will take part in the first edition of Etsy Made in Italy, an excellent initiative aiming at bringing together the most representative and interesting Italian artisans selling their works on Etsy and the people looking for high quality handmade Christmas gifts for their loved ones.

I am living in Italy for a short period of time and I should say it has been a highly

9inspiring time for me. Changing the environment, getting in touch with the infinite forms of artistic expression this country has to offer at every step, from the exquisite artworks of the Renaissance to the highly refined works of craftsmen in every area of life.

And then, simply breathing the Tuscan air, gazing at spectacular sunsets over the secular Mediterranean pine-trees and cypresses walking through an exuberance of gigantesque expressions of Nature, all these and much more, boosted my courage to envision and try new ways of playing with paper and designing my jewelry.

So, on the 3rd of December, I’ll wait for you in the little and friendly Galleria della Bottega d’Arte la Zaffera, with my latest winter collection of paper jewelry, created especially for this event.

Follow my Facebook page to stay updated with the latest news and the progress of the work and don’t forget to visit my Etsy shop 😉

Go green! Wear paper jewelry! 🙂





Reparaţii şi schimb de bijuterii @ Flowers Tea House


Bijuteriile ne coloreză momente din viaţă. Ne aduc culoare, delicateţe, simplitate şi eleganţă. Dar ce faci când cerceii tăi preferaţi s-au stricat?

Pe 30 martie, Repair café Cluj în parteneriat cu Orangerie te invită la un eveniment de reparaţii şi schimb de bijuterii. …citeste mai mult

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O artistă clujeană transformă cuvintele în accesorii. Carmen Orășanu reciclează reviste, cărți, afișe, partituri și le transformă în bijuterii handmade


Bijuterii unicat, din hârtie pecetluită cu mii de cuvinte sau chiar note muzicale, sunt lucrate de mână de către clujeanca Carmen Orășanu și purtate cu mândrie de clientele sale. Carmen Orășanu este o artistă cunoscută deja și în țară prin participarea la numeroase evenimente și târguri. De ce a ales să creeze bijuterii prietenoase cu mediul? De ce am alege o bijuterie din hârtie în locul uneia clasice? Sunt întrebări la care ne-a răspuns artista cunoscută ani de zile de clienți sub pseudonimul The Mistique Moth/Molia mistică. …citeste mai mult